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Back in 2007, a New York artist duo created Wants for Sale, a site where they offer up paintings they’ve made of things they want to buy. Whereas buyers of those paintings support the couple’s various purchase plans, visitors to their new Needs for Sale site are given the chance to support charitable causes instead. Every painting on Needs for Sale represents a cause the artists would like to support. Whether it’s food for the hungry or building supplies for people who have lost their homes, 100 percent of every sale is donated to the cause represented. All paintings on Needs for Sale are created on 2-inch-deep gallery canvas and come ready to hang. Pricing varies with the cause represented. A painting of a Barbie doll, for example, recently generated a USD 250 donation to Toys for Tots; proceeds from a USD 100 painting of a toilet went to Habitat for Humanity. Shipping is available worldwide. In a world where charitable consumers are constantly bombarded with cries for help, there’s something attractive about the simplicity of buying a painting to support a specific cause. Perhaps even more compelling, however, is the tangible, stylish and unique proof of their generosity consumers get in return. It may not be a building named in their honour, but it still goes far beyond the typical tote bag or umbrella to provide one-of-a-kind evidence with a story that can then be proudly displayed and discussed with friends and family far and wide. Nonprofits around the world: time to find a sympathetic artist to partner with! 😉 (Related: T-shirts with a story, and a causeMicrocharity uses tangibility to target young donors.) Spotted by: Jon D.



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