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New concept creates a digital desk space for smartphones


This virtual desk space could radically change how we use our smartphones.

Springwise has spotted various innovations designed to improve users’ experience with their mobile phones. These range from a smartphone case to improved accessibility for disabled users. Now London design consultancy, Special Projects, has developed a new concept that could revolutionise smartphone use.

The concept, MagixUX, is a new take on the multi-screen options that many smartphone operating systems grapple with. The small size of phone screens makes it often clunky and difficult to use multiple apps or windows at once. The MagicUX idea means that users can pin digital windows to physical spaces. Users then move the phone to the corresponding spot to look at each respective window.

This virtual layout uses Augmented Reality (AR) to mimic the physical workspace. In real life, people organise their desk spaces so they can see everything they need at once. They might lay out a notebook, a calendar, an address box, and their laptop accordingly; now, they could do just the same virtually on a mobile phone.

Although MagicUX is a concept at the moment, if it came to fruition it could be a groundbreaking change in the smartphone industry. There is no limit to the amount of apps and windows that you could access in this way. MagicUX is the next step in immersive technology. It would be useful in both professional and social sense, bringing a new virtual dynamic to smartphone users’ experiences.



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