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Objects for children with autism

Objects help autistic children with their sensory development

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A design school graduate has created a series of 12 objects to support sensory development in children with autism.

Paula Lorence, a graduate from the Riga School of Design and Art in Latvia has created a collection of objects to assist sensory development in children with autism. The collection – called the Taktil – features a series of 12 objects which create different tactile sensations when touched.

Lorence had the idea for the collection after conducting research into the condition and hearing parents of children with autism express the need for more tailored products. The Taktil collection features three different levels. The first level of objects is targeted to children who are particularly sensitive. The second level is suitable for children who can manage experiencing a stronger tactile stimulation. The third level is to help soothe anxiety in children or manage panic attacks. To design the objects, Lorence used eight different materials. These were silicone, wood, aluminium, felt, bristle, cork, composite material silkstone and transparent plastic.

Tactile stimulation can help people with autism improve their concentration and alleviate stress. Lorence said: “Innovative and well-considered design has an immense significance for people with disabilities. For those people tactile stimulation is essential because it can affect the brain development and potentially bring positive changes into their lives”.

Here at Springwise, we have featured many innovations aimed at helping people with autism. For example, a robot developed using artificial intelligence helps children with autism develop social skills. Another example is a project that is using virtual reality and brain scans to identify the parts of the brain that are sensitive to social cues.




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