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Zen text editor aims to help writers concentrate

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Distraction is the enemy of good writing, as anyone who ever puts pen to (figurative) paper certainly knows. There are several text editors out there that aim to limit writers’ visual distractions—DarkCopy, for example, is one—but a new alternative uses elements of Zen to create a multisensory ambience that’s designed to promote concentration. Originally developed as an internal tool for the copywriters at Barcelona creative agency Herraiz Soto & Co., Ommwriter is a free text processor that uses visual elements and sound to help writers focus their thoughts. Aimed at bloggers, journalists, copywriters and anyone who simply enjoys writing, Ommwriter lets writers choose from an assortment of relaxing background images, fonts and Zen-like sounds to create a world where they can focus on their thoughts. A snowy winter scene, for example, can form the backdrop for the writer’s words, while icy tinkling sounds mark the appearance of each letter. Ommwriter is currently available in a beta version for Mac computers. With all the many devices, applications and modes of communication now competing for our attention, information overload seems to be here to stay. Keep the anti-distraction innovations coming! (Related: Multisensory pop-up spacesBeing spaces for parents & writers.) Spotted by: Leticia Pérez Prieto



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