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Halal cosmetics for Muslim women


It’s estimated that 70% of Muslims worldwide live by the code of halal. That’s a big market for producers of halal food, but one that has largely been ignored by the casually carnivorous cosmetics industry. Recognising this gap, Canadian Layla Mandi—a former make-up artist who converted to Islam—has launched a range of certified halal cosmetics. OnePure skin care products contain no pork extracts and no alcohol, both common in standard make-up but haram (forbidden) according to the Koran. The range is certified by a Malaysian Islamic authority, which has verified that everything down to the fluids used to clean the production equipment is halal. Dubai-based OnePure is initially offering a USD 125 travel pack (cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream) targeted at Muslim women in the Middle East, for whom OnePure say the products are specifically formulated. The packs are currently being sold on board Saudi Airlines, in Dubai’s Souk al Bahar shopping mall and through the company’s website, but the company says it is in talks with leading hotel brands about making OnePure products available to guests. OnePure also plans to launch a body and hair range, as well as products for men. Whether standard cosmetics are really haram is perhaps debatable. But our bet is there are plenty of Muslim women who would rather be safe than sorry. The guarantee provided by OnePure’s halal certification is the real selling point, hence their slogan: “Be sure. 100%.” One to bring to Muslims in your area? (Related: Halal baby foodCulturally sensitive sportswear for Muslim women.)



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