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Pen-sized device filters blood of deadly viruses

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The Hemopurifier is a portable dialysis device that makes it possible to clear patients' blood of viral disease outside of the hospital.

We’ve already seen how portable medical equipment can be convenient for both patients and doctors, with devices such as the ViSi Mobile System enabling health professionals to monitor patients wirelessly. Now the Hemopurifier is a small pen-sized dialysis device that makes it possible to clear patients’ blood of viral disease outside of the hospital.

Developed by Aethlon Medical, the machine is similar to the kind used by those with kidney failure, who need them to filter waste and excess water from their blood. Although the device could help those patients avoid having to spend time connected to a home machine, it differs from a traditional dialysis machine in that it pumps antibodies into the blood during the process. These antibodies then attach themselves to viruses present in the blood, such as HIV and hepatitis C, allowing them to be flushed out. The Hemopurifier could evidently be useful for treating existing patients, but its portable nature could also prove vital in the event of a bioterrorist attack, where treatment is needed on the ground.

According to PopSci, the device is currently undergoing tests in India before clinical trials in the US begin to ensure it meets FDA standards. Are there other medical devices that could be made more useful by enabling them to be brought directly to patients where they are?

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