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Much the way Urban Gentry and Insider London offer specialized urban tours catering to people with particular interests, so Photours offers lengthier trips designed specifically for budding photographers. Founded by two professional photographers who were tired of tours that took them to wonderful places but hurried them through the sights, London-based Photours offers specialist photography holidays designed to provide inspiring views and personalized education every step of the way. Spain, Italy, Greece, Iceland and the U.K. are currently the focus of Photours’ trips,which vary in length from half-day sojourns to two-week treks. A thematic approach is used to guide participants through the subtleties of photographing within a particular context, such as taking night shots or capturing architecture and landscapes, and nightly critiques are provided at the end of each day. Photours also gives each participant a detailed workbook filled with full details of the themes used on their trip. Pricing varies with the length of the trip and the travel involved. With travel options so numerous today, offering a customized experience with the added value of specialized education makes good sense. You can’t be all things to all people, after all—might as well pick one group and go all the way to please them. It’s also not hard to imagine a company like Canon—which already offers workshops in national parks—sponsoring something similar, or creating a branded travel business on the side. Care to pick a specialist niche of your own…? (Related: Louis Vuitton’s walking tours of Beijing, Hong Kong & Shanghai; Sightseeing on the run.) Spotted by: Petz Scholtus



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