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'Buy one, donate one' comes to photo printing


For socially conscious entrepreneurs, implementing a “buy one, donate one” matching program is an easily communicated way of being generous. TOMS Shoes gives away a pair of shoes for each pair sold, for example, and LJ Urban’s Good matches domestic home sales with funds to build homes in Burkina Faso. Recently, one of our spotters alerted us to a similar initiative by Picture it on Canvas. In operation since 2007, Picture it on Canvas aims to turn favourite photos into keepsakes by printing them on canvas, endowing them with an artistic texture like that of a hand-painted piece along with UV protection. At the end of April, the California-based company announced its intent for the rest of this year to donate the equivalent of one 8-by-10 gallery-wrap canvas print to a charitable cause for every canvas print purchased via its online store. Specifically, for each canvas print purchase Picture it on Canvas now sends a gift certificate for USD 35—the value of such a print—to the nonprofit of its choice. Bob McKeon, president of Picture it on Canvas, explains: “We’ve completely changed our business model. We are embracing the conscious capitalism business model in use by TOMS Shoes and other companies. I know this may sound trite to some, but in a small way we want our company to help make a change in people’s lives.” So far, Picture it on Canvas has donated to Operation Love, the San Diego County Adoption agency, Friends & Family Community Connection and local fund-raisers for needy projects. Need more convincing? Check out our sister site’s Generation G briefing. Corporate generosity won’t be an option for much longer; soon, it will be hygiene. Start brainstorming now! Spotted by: Gary Miner



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