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Pod life: stackable homes

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The Perrinepod is a self-contained, stackable housing unit that can be placed within a month of ordering. Mother in law moving in? Adding a home office? No problem for a Perrinepod dweller. Just order a second unit and plug it in. Buyers with large extended families will be happy to know the pods can be stacked to 30 stories high. Made from polished concrete, aluminium and glass, Perrinepod’s standard colours are grey and white, but the concrete can be toned to any natural pigment, including black and shades of brown. Its pod-like looks are enhanced by a lack of joins and sharp corners. Making it nearly as plug-and-play as an iPod, internal wiring and plumbing are built in, and utilities are hooked up at one central point. Perrinepods come in three sizes: one, two and three bedrooms (AUD 99,000 – 200,000), with external dimensions of 8 x 6m, 8 x 9m and 8 x 12m. The units are designed and manufactured in Perth. Prices include delivery to metropolitan areas in Australia, erection of the Perrinepod, and all interior fittings. Architect Jean-mic Perrine’s philosophy is that the houses should be nothing more or less than its inhabitants need, and that simple design and beautiful material should be able to stand the test of time: “Living spaces have become as transient and irrelevant as fashion. It’s no longer a look for a generation that people strive for, its the look of ‘now’ and it only lasts for a three to four year period. That approach is not sustainable and people are putting themselves and the environment under a lot of unnecessary pressure trying to keep up.” Following four years of research and design, the first Perrinepods will be making their debut next month. As more consumers are showing interest in small homes and in the instant gratification of high-design prefab housing, this could be a nice one to distribute in other parts of the world (manufactured locally, of course). Spotted by: Matthew Shaw P.S. The Perrine Pod isn’t the first prefab, stackable housing unit. Mart de Jong’s Spacebox is a self-contained LEGO-like unit that’s being used to house students in The Netherlands.



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