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Pop-up nightclubs launch in Singapore

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Back in 2006 we wrote about the Venue VBOX, which uses shipping containers to construct portable retail stores, and now, from the same Singapore company, comes a similarly modular and transportable pop-up nightclub. Aqua by Grandstand is a mobile lifestyle and night-spot venue created from fold-out “transformer” units. The two-storey-high mobile party platform is modelled out of shipping containers using a transforming mechanism that allows a single container to open up to three times its original size. Accordingly, Aqua’s bar-lounge can cater to as many as 500 guests and can be constructed at any location in the world complete with electricity, audio-visual and hospitality equipment. Aqua’s first gig, beginning earlier this month at the Merchant Loop opposite Clarke Quay in Singapore, runs through 5 November 2008, including the Singapore Sun festival next month. Coincidentally, another pop-up bar is also now making its debut in Singapore: Orgo, which is constructed out of stacked light cubes, similar to the Kubik bars we’ve written about. Featuring celebrity Japanese mixologist Tomoyuki Kitazoe, Orgo is located at Central Promenade and offered both indoor and alfresco experiences with a specially crafted line of cocktails during the Singapore River Festival, which just concluded. The Orgo bar opened 19 September and will remain through 23 October 2008. Clearly the pop-up trend continues apace. It’s all about surprising and delighting consumers with fresh, engaging experiences in the right locations. Where should your brand be popping up….? Spotted by: Francis Tan



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