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Branded kits for DIY probiotic yoghurt


The health benefits of probiotics have been recognized for years, but typically consumers seeking to enjoy them rely on packaged nutraceuticals on offer at their local supermarket or health food store. Progurt is a do-it-yourself yoghurt kit that aims to provide an alternative to those store-bought products. The brainchild of Australian Microbioflora, Progurt offers a simple way to get natural probiotic supplements through a yoghurt that can be made at home. The company sells a branded DIY yoghurt maker along with accessories including refrigeration tubs, electrolyte complexes, prebiotic syrups and probiotic sachets. With over 1 trillion CFU capability, each Progurt probiotic sachet contains a formulation of multiple strains of probiotic bacteria of human origin to enhance and strengthen the immune system. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives are added. A starter pack including one incubator, one tub, prebiotic syrup and a pack of 15 probiotic sachets is priced at AUD 440. Currently, Progurt is available online and through select Australian retailers; one to partner with and bring to do-it-yourselfers in your neck of the nutraceutical woods…?



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