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One of the difficulties gamers often face is figuring out what their friends are playing at any given moment, and in enough time to join them. It’s no simple task with all the many platforms out there, but a new site is hoping to make it easier. Raptr is a free service that automatically detects when a gamer is playing a game on nearly any platform—including PC, Xbox Live, Mac, Flash, social games, browser-based games, Steam and even some games on the Wii and PS3—and then notifies their friends. Users begin by creating an account and listing their identities on the various games they play, along with the friends they’d like to keep up with. There’s also client software to install on their computer. Then, when they start a game, players can either instant message their friends via the Raptr site, or they can have their friends on Facebook, Twitter and FriendFeed automatically notified. Raptr can automatically update friends on gaming achievements and play time statistics as well, and users get an integrated view of all their gaming identities in a single glance. Not only that, but in Amazon-like fashion, Raptr recommends new games based on past games enjoyed and friends’ preferences. Finally, with the help of the Raptr client software, the service also keeps all PC games up-to-date, automatically downloading patches as they become available. Ad-supported Raptr, which is based in California, launched into beta in September. While few of us would want such automatic tracking and informing applied to all aspects of our lives, it seems likely there are others that could benefit from a similar model. Entrepreneurs: start your engines! 😉 Spotted by: Bryce Hufnal



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