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Online auction for unused travel tickets

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Airline travellers already have EUclaim and Miss Refund for help claiming compensation for flight delays and tax refunds on unused trips. Now giving them a chance to sell the tickets they can’t use is, a site also out of the Netherlands. About 40 percent of all airline tickets are transferable, Re-ticket says, generally requiring simply that passengers pay a fee of about EUR 25 to get them reissued in a new name. is an online marketplace that helps facilitate that process, providing passengers, tour operators and transport companies with a way to sell their unused or leftover tickets for travel by plane, train, coach or ferry. Sellers begin by listing the details of their tickets for sale, including the price they’d like to be paid and a time limit for the auction period. Buyers, meanwhile, can search for tickets by departure and destination cities, dates and price. They can then bid on the ones that interest them; after the auction is closed, the buyer placing the highest bid wins, transferring their payment to The seller, in turn, receives the buyer’s name and makes the required name change with the airline company or travel agent, sending the ticket to the buyer once that’s done. Within two weeks after the departure date, transfers payment to the seller. Much like Miss Refund, also helps passengers get refunds on airport taxes when they don’t make a trip. Business opportunities exist wherever consumers feel pain in their daily lives, and the travel industry is still fraught with such sticky spots. Smooth the way for travellers, and you’ll enjoy some smooth sailing yourself! 😉 Spotted by: Machteld Vlietstra



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