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More neighbourhood problem-solving: SeeClickFix

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Empowering citizens to improve their communities, SeeClickFix functions as a hub for residents to report and track non-emergency issues, with the aim of having them resolved by local government and neighbourhood groups. The Connecticut-based venture was inspired in part by UK enterprise FixMyStreet, which we covered in 2007, when it was known as Neighbourhood Fix-It. SeeClickFix expands the model on several fronts. The free problem reporting service benefits from enhanced mobile accessibility in the form of an iPhone app, Twitter and a US toll-free number, helping people to report concerns while on the go. SeeClickFix will match reported problems with potential ‘fixers’—users or groups who have signed up to receive updates—according to their location or keyword relevancy. Interested local media and bloggers are also encouraged to syndicate these feeds (which are available in a variety of formats), and to stimulate community engagement by adding Google Maps-based widgets to their own websites. And adding an extra level of interactivity, users can show their support for causes by voting, commenting and sharing. SeeClickFix is currently focusing on select US cities, but was created with global expansion in mind. Its founders hope to maintain the sustainability of their enterprise by way of a paid premium service for local authorities, which offers extra tools for tracking issues and viewing data. SeeClickFix is also enlisting volunteers—SideClicks—to act as ambassadors for the service in their local area.



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