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London barber launches shaving school

Fashion & Beauty

“Shaving knowledge and technique is not instinctive, all men need to learn the art and unfortunately many learn it badly”. A passionate statement from London-based grooming shop Geo F. Trumper, which now offers classes on how to shave properly. Customer demand led to the introduction of the one-to-one sessions, in which a barber shows a customer the best techniques for shaving and how to avoid unsightly problems such as ingrown hairs and razor burn. Other shaving tips are offered according to skin type. Two types of class are on offer from the Soho branch, depending on the skills sought: there’s the Mach 3 Shaving School at GBP 50, or the 90-minute Open Razor Shaving School at GBP 75. Founded in 1875, the Trumpers chain is drawing on the power of status skills to expose modern men to its traditional craft while showing customers the advantages of its high-end range—something entrepreneurs in most industries should think of doing, if they aren’t already. Which skills can you help your customers master? (Related: Publisher launches creative writing academy.) Spotted by: David Licona



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