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Social platform focuses on audio instead of visuals

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An audio-based social media platform aims to help young people have the confidence to express themselves away from pressures on appearance.

Spotted: Social media is the major development of the modern age, with an estimated 42 million users in the UK alone. Springwise has already spotted various innovations seeking to tweak and adapt elements of social media still further. For example, Facebook posts were adapted into email newsletters and a social platform created an entirely ad-free online space. The latest innovation in the space now comes from Sweden in the form of an audio-based platform.

Koo‘s slogan is “what you say should be more important than how you look”, a sentiment they feel is often lost in the modern world. They sought to bring back the quality of self-expression, particularly in younger generations. Many social media platforms focus almost solely on visuals. For this reason, Koo believe that teenagers and young people hold back from expressing themselves due to insecurities about appearance. Their podcast-style platform lets users record up to one minute of audio. They can then personalise the footage by adding “sound stickers”, such as a drum roll or a poop sound. Users then share the “Koo” in a feed with their friends and followers, much like one would share an Instagram photo or tweet currently.

The platform is ideal for both personal and public use, with the option to share only with friends or follow famous users as well. There is also the opportunity to follow certain trends or topics in addition to specific people.

Koo is currently focusing on building a strong user base before monetising. They receive financial backing from Sweet Studios.




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