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Speaker matches lighting to music

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Mood lighting is inspired by the user’s mindset and the music they have chosen, enhancing listener engagement.

As technology develops exponentially, music speakers are becoming increasingly innovative. We have seen the invention of a burglar-deterring speaker named Kevin. Simulating typical household sounds, the smart speaker fools potential robbers into thinking homeowners are in. Another forward-thinking speaker is the FENG, which turns flags into loudspeakers. Now Second White expands the function of a speaker, producing light in addition to sound.

Second White’s latest creation is an AI speaker. We have seen AI speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa, which are able to engage in conversation with humans. Nevertheless, Second White seeks to go a step further, engaging with humans through another medium: light. With a minimalist design, the AI design is completely white in colour except for the integrated light strip running through it. This strip lights up in accordance with the music the user is listening to.

By gauging the listener’s mood depending on their music choice, the AI lighting device provides a more immersive listening experience. The speaker is unique in its engagement with multiple senses simultaneously.




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