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Gap Canada protects shoppers against future price drops


Murphy’s Law for shoppers states that as soon as one purchases a particular item, it inevitably goes on sale. Hoping to give customers some insurance against such eventualities, Gap Canada has launched a program that automatically refunds the difference when that happens. To take part in Gap’s free Sprize program, which is now available in 10 Gap stores in and around Vancouver, B.C., customers simply sign up with their name, email address and phone number. Then, any time they make a purchase at a participating Gap store, they’re protected against sales that take place in the near future. Specifically, if the prices on any items purchased have dropped within 45 days of the transaction, Gap will automatically credit the difference to the customer’s Sprize account. The resulting SprizeMoney can then be used toward future purchases in participating stores. Of course, beyond offering consumers peace of mind, increased transparency and a compelling reason to register with the company, the Sprize program also surely gives Gap new insight into its best customers and their shopping habits—and a way to keep them coming back. How long before this one becomes standard practice? (Related: Helping travellers reclaim taxes on flights not taken.) Spotted by: Diego Bravo



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