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Car park users vote for stairwell fragrance

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In this era of crowdsourcing and customisation, consumers are accustomed to having their say on matters large and small. Demonstrating that customer input can be applied to just about everything, a car park is giving its customers a say in how its stairwells smell. UK parking provider NCP recently adopted new technology that helps it combat the “special” smell so commonly found in parking stairwells. Gone will be the olfactory suggestion of recent unsavoury activities, replaced instead by the aroma of roses, freshly baked bread, roast chicken or some other pleasant smell. All that remains is for consumers to choose which delectable odour they’d prefer, because rather than pick one in autonomous fashion, the company is asking its customers to vote instead. So, users of four trial NCP garages—in London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Leeds—are now invited to chime in with their preferences on the company’s site. The smells with the most votes will be implemented, and if the program is really successful, NCP will roll it out nationwide. Need we say more? Let the crowds have their say whenever possible, and you’ll rarely go wrong; fail to do so, and you may not like what you hear! 😉 Spotted by: Susanna Haynie



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