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Startup develops multi-platform content management system

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Contentful's management system makes it easy for companies to adapt content across all digital platforms

SpottedContentful’s cloud-based content management system is aiming to disrupt how companies deliver digital content. The system allows companies to publish across all types of devices and channels — something traditional content management systems cannot do, according to the company.

The system uses four different delivery systems (known as APIs). That means businesses can quickly access, manage and deliver digital content to any user around the globe. The service also provides storage and security for clients’ digital content.

Contentful raised $33.5 million in Series D equity funding in December 2018 and has raised a total of $78.3 million. It was recently listed by CB Insights and The New York Times as one of fifty future unicorns  — startups that grow to be worth over a billion dollars. Contentful is already being used by several major companies, including Spotify and WeWork.

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