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Startup uses AI to prolong battery life

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Prague-based BatteryCheck uses artificial intelligence analytics and data science to accurately calculate the best use of batteries and prolong their life

Spotted: The technological leaps in areas like lithium-ion battery production have led to production costs decreasing and have made electric vehicles and energy storage commercially viable. However, our knowledge of how to get the best out of batteries is still lagging. In an effort to remedy this, the Prague-based startup, BatteryCheck, was founded in 2018, with the aim to use artificial intelligence analytics and data science to accurately calculate the optimal usage, prolong battery life, and reduce e-waste. The company has developed a software analytic solution that manufacturers can easily integrate into their battery-powered devices to provide alerts and recommendations for their internal operations and also for their B2B and B2C customers.

Understanding the chemistries of a battery is very difficult as they all come in different forms for different devices. BatteryCheck’s software-as-a-service solutions, therefore, allows real-time monitoring of batteries in their usage environment and enables services like predictive maintenance and replacement, second life and recycling recommendations, and alerts if a problem arises. In situations where large numbers of batteries are in use, this is key, as the consequences of a battery outage can be far-reaching if a device stops working. Operating via Microsoft Cloud, the startup aims to minimise any hassle on the manufacturing side by only needing to use data to integrate with the existing platform. For those that might be apprehensive, BatteryCheck has assured that all the personal data stays on the manufacturer side.

Currently, BatteryCheck is still pre-revenue. However, this will soon change as three of their customers will become commercial customers in the early part of this year. BatteryCheck is also in talks with 15 other companies.

Written By: Serafina Basciano



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