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Global service helps creative workers swap jobs and homes

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Last year we wrote about Creative Caravan, which helps people in the creative industries find properties to sublet or swap. Taking the concept a step further, Austin-based startup SwapYourShop facilitates connections between creative professionals looking to temporarily swap homes and workplaces, while working remotely for their current employer. The premise of SwapYourShop is that employees will be creatively influenced by being immersed in a different company for a few weeks or months, and employers will benefit from having creatively rejuvenated employees return with new-found ideas, knowledge and perspectives. Registered users create a profile with photos of their living and workspaces, then browse through the community to find other people who are keen to live in another city or country without quitting their current job. Launched into public beta in March, SwapYourShop is free to use and already has over 1,000 ‘swappers’ registered on the site. One to emulate for other job sectors? Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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