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Clothes shopping for men, no store visits required


Clothes shopping may be a source of joy for many women, but the same is rarely true for men; in fact, many men would rather do just about anything else. With that in mind, the Trunk Club now offers men the services of a personal shopper from the convenience of their own office or home. Based in Oregon, the Trunk Club assigns each of its clients a personal clothing expert to recommend, find and deliver clothing and accessories that complement their own personal style. Men begin by filling out an application for a free membership on the site. They then have a 15-minute or so introductory, webcam-enabled session from home or office with their personal shopper, who then sends out an initial shipment of name-brand clothes. Customers pay just retail price for the clothes they decide to keep—no minimum purchase is required—and the Trunk Club covers shipping both ways. After that clients can connect with their shopper as often as they want in person or via the company’s Skype-based webcam platform—no visits to retail stores are ever required. The Trunk Club’s personal shoppers work on commission, according to TechCrunch; the company’s revenue derives from retail markups on clothes bought from partner manufacturers at wholesale prices, with no minimum inventory required. The Trunk Club officially launched just two weeks ago, and it’s currently looking for entrepreneurs who can work virtually on its behalf with members around the world. One to get in on early…? Spotted by: Chris Rollason



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