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iPhone app helps London commuters claim refunds for Tube delays

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Just as EUclaim and Miss Refund help travellers claim refunds that are owed to them, so Tube Refund helps consumers get compensated for the 40 or so delays that occur each week on the London Underground. Each time a train is delayed by more than 15 minutes, riders are entitled to a full refund of a single-journey fare. Many underground commuters aren’t aware of that fact, or don’t want to go to the trouble of submitting a claim, which is why LB Media created a Tube Refund application for the iPhone. Priced at GBP 0.59, the app can be used to register where and when a delay occurred and how long it lasted. Tube Refund then submits that information to the London Underground website, which generates a refund voucher for the user. Tube Refund currently supports only Oyster and Travelcards, but National Rail tickets will be included soon; so, for that matter, will Blackberry support. What consumer pain points or little-known regulations could you turn into a profitable app of your own…?


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