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Upgraded popsicles, Mexican style


Popsicles brand uses Mexican favourites flavours like creamy lime and mojito.

Anyone who has ever visited Mexico may already be familiar with paletas, the traditional frozen delicacies. Now a North Carolina confectioner has built a business on the paleta with a four-city chain of shops. Based in Durham, NC, LocoPops serves up popsicles that are a far cry from what most Americans are used to receiving from the Good Humor man. A variety of different flavours are available each day, including some based on cream and others based on juice or water. Mexican favourites like creamy lime, mojito, tamarind, hibiscus and mango-chili are frequently on offer, as are more American varieties like cookies and cream and strawberries and cream. Also making a regular appearance are foodie-style combinations like pear cardamom, pineapple basil and white chocolate tangerine. In addition to innovative flavours, however, LocoPops also makes an effort to use locally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible. For instance, many of the herbs used to flavour LocoPops come from local sources through SEEDS (South Eastern Efforts Developing Sustainable Spaces), a nonprofit aimed at involving urban children and teens in organic gardening, according to the News & Observer. The dairy products used in cream-based LocoPops reportedly come from Jackson’s Dairy in Spiveys Corner. LocoPops are priced at USD 2 each. Originally launched back in 2005, LocoPops has been featured in Food & Wine magazine and recently opened shops in Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Hillsborough. Reportedly, it’s also begun offering PetPops for patrons’ four-footed friends. What more can we say? There’s nothing that can’t be upgraded, and empires can be built on the strength of a single product. Pick the right one, add a dash of creative flair, and you could find your own place in the sun! (Related: Grown-up ice cream van and–to point out another product that’s been successfully upgraded over the past few years–Chichi cupcake delivery and Sprinkles Cupcakes.)



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