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Voice-to-text church services delivered via email


It’s no longer uncommon for churches to offer services online or via streaming video, but a UK church has now begun using voice-to-text technology to convert its live services into text for near-simultaneous delivery via email. Using technology by SpinVox, St. Christopher’s Church in Hinchley Wood, Surrey, just gave what SpinVox says was the world’s first voice-to-text service this past Sunday. Rev. John Kronenberg led the service celebrating the beginning of Advent, and as he spoke to the congregation seated in the church, his words were automatically converted by SpinVox and sent directly to subscribers’ in-boxes in a matter of moments. Some 100 members of St. Christopher’s church received the sermon by email on Sunday, and the next such service will take place on Dec. 21. SpinVox is offering its technology to the parish as a free trial; it’s also free to anyone wishing to use it to update a blog or social network by phone, the company says. Content available anytime, anywhere, and in every format–simply put, that’s the real goal here. Make it happen, and you may just get your own “heavenly” rewards! 😉 (Related: Voice to text dictation from any cell phone.) Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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