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A new cupcake alternative: gourmet churros

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Sweet-toothed consumers suffering from cupcake ennui can already try a taste of the South in the form of Tennessee T-Cakes, as we’ve noted before. Now from the West, however, comes yet another alternative: churros, also known as Spanish fritters. In their native Spain and in Southern California, traditional churros are a familiar concept, having enjoyed widespread popularity for years on account of their sweet, crunchy, pastry goodness. Offering a fresh and upgraded take on the ages-old confection, however, Xooro now operates two stores—in Santa Monica and West Hollywood—with a gourmet line of the mouth-watering fritters. Some fifteen flavours currently grace the signature Xooro line—including distinctly modern interpretations such as Turkish Hazelnut, Mango, and Maple Bacon—all of them cooked in rice bran oil, which Xooro calls “the world’s healthiest edible oil” for its vitamins, antioxidants and lack of trans fats. Prices begin at USD 3.69 each. Xooro is already planning to expand, with locations coming soon to Orlando, San Antonio, Los Angeles and San Diego. In addition, it’s currently completing FTC franchise documentation, with an eye toward licensing franchises as well. One to get in on early…? Spotted by: Brent Cohler



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