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You, sculpted in precious metals and gems


For the common man, gravanity can mean ordering a doll in one’s likeness or using a bank card that bears a photo of one’s kids. Not so the ultra rich, for whom money is no object in the quest for immortality. Enter You Look Like a Million Dollars, a service that creates hand-crafted sculpture portraits in precious metals and stones. A project from renowned London sculptors Wrightson & Platt, You Look Like a Million Dollars combines traditionally sculpted forms with elements that are cast from life to create what the company calls “astonishingly lifelike and innovative works of art.” Drawing inspiration from the gold mask of Tutankhamun, the fabulous Fabergé eggs and the works of Gustav Klimt, sculptures are created in precious metals, bronze and glass. Surfaces are then embellished with precious gems and miniaturised objects used as tiny narrative devices. Each piece takes months to complete; commissions begin at about GBP 50,000, according to a report in Born Rich. Similar in many ways to Requiem for You, which we covered last year, You Look Like a Million Dollars sits high up in the ether where gravanity and uber-premium meet—a place where few mortals can afford to tread. Those who can, of course, can make it highly worthwhile for the entrepreneurs and artists that serve them. Recession… what recession? 😉 (Related: Cufflinked gravanity, for the shirt that has everything.) Spotted by: Born Rich via Raymond Kollau



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